we are in the business of connecting you to positive impact.

to date we have helped connect thousands of individuals, hundreds of companies & organizations, across twenty countries to positive impact. 


positive impact planning

whether for an individual, a group, school or business, fodada+connect can assist in helping you formulate a plan to better understand your objectives, options and engagement opportunities. we are your partner to transform your passion into positive impact. 



connecting your team to a common point of growth and positivity. by defining and understanding your sincere intent mission statement, we begin the dialogue with your team, network and community.


knowledge is power. we ingrain it in products that bear your name and logo. loading every piece with the power of positive impact all connecting back to you sincere intent mission statement. 


no "one and done" activations. engaging and educating your team, network and community so they are able and empowered to take the next step.


our journey

connecting you and your team to the best suited impact strategy. uncovering the opportunity to create and be part of positive impact.

our journey has connected us with organization and causes which may be a perfect match for your impact objectives. Whether its your current cause, a new one or an assessment of collaboration, contact us to begin the discussion. 


our methodology

our recipe for success is simple. it starts with you and what we call your "Sincere Intent Mission Statement."

we don't look to reinvent the wheel and believe that the opportunities for impact are available and ample within your existing landscape. By working closely with you and your team we will establish or reconfirm a phased approach to positive impact.


partial list of our clients and partners