our clothes, your logo = one powerful piece of clothing

Now any company, group or organization can be an agent of positive change just by making a simple decision. Using fodada as your group/corporate gear vendor will not only provide your team with our incredibly comfortable line displaying your brand, logo or design but it will also make a powerful statement by funding powerful programs. 

Over 200 companies and organization have already chosen to have fodada be their vendor for gear and the reasons are simple; premium quality, competitive pricing, unmatched service and most importantly funding the power to do good. 

Each purchase not only funds fodada's programs, but also raises funds per item towards the cause of your choice, whether it be providing meals for families in need, supporting veterans, or funding research towards eradication of a disease. Its your choice. 

Does Your Vendor Support Your Values?

We’re guessing your brand has a deeper purpose beyond simply making profit (as necessary and important as that is). You stand for certain things that are bigger than producing widgets.

Hopefully you’re in business to promote the values you believe in and make an impact on the communities you serve and the causes you support.That’s why so many companies are working with fodada, a partner that supports their values.

Add Value Without Adding Expense

We enable companies to integrate corporate-social responsibility strategies through fodada as a vendor.

fodada helps you leverage existing budgets to add greater value and reach to your corporate-social responsibility initiatives. That means you don’t have to spend any additional monies. We help you create team-building opportunities or community outreach events out of what would otherwise be an uneventful expense or write-off.

Team, Family & Community Level Events

fodada facilitates programs with your existing philanthropic or community partner relationships for smooth planning and execution. From intra-company team building to father-child bonding activities to open community programs, fodada creates unique and impactful experiences out of community service and non-profit charity efforts. All with no additional costs to your organization. 

Consider having a conversation with fodada to investigate how your corporate gear can do so much more. To find out more about how to partner with fodada, call (888) 853-4768 or email contact@fodadaconnect.com


Here is how it works

  • we offer you options from our retail or wholesale line at wholesale pricing that is more affordable than most non-premium quality vendors


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  • you can give us your logo / design or we can design one for you at no extra cost
  • we produce the items within 1-4 weeks
  • fodada will work with your team to determine the beneficiary of your order. This maybe an existing organization or cause or we can present options we believe will provide the most positive impact for your org and team. Once your order is completed, fodada will make a donation on your behalf.  We have created unique impact initiatives for our clients and look forward to doing the same for you.
  • no-hidden fees - Your costs are all inclusive
  • we do not charge for design services
  • we do not charge for film
  • we do not charge for screens and set up

You can mix and match - as long as you meet our minimum quantity of 48, you can mix and match colors, sizes and men's, women's and children sizes for the same design

We have helped hundreds of schools, groups, non-profits and companies show their supporters that a simple piece of clothing can be incredibly powerful and an agent of positive impact. Yes we are a clothing label but we use clothing as our mechanism to positive impact.

want to learn more? contact us at contact@fodadaconnect.com


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