impact through existing mechanisms

A simple concept. Take an existing process & budget and mobilize it to do much more. That is our mission at fodada. When working with corporations and organization we look to integrate existing efforts or create new programs through swag and gear to make a positive impact statement.



we are anti-cookie cutter. your need is as unique as you whether it's a simple item or a once in a lifetime event.


based on your objectives, we recommend possible options best suited to satisfy your requirements in quality, affect and budget.


we begin creating the look and approach always considering integrating existing designs or developing a new approach to ensure that we maximize the opportunity to engage, educate and empower


partial list of our clients and partners




we begin the discussion on engaging your team, community and network on positive impact campaign. whether enhancing an existing campaign or developing a new program


understanding your overall objectives as well as your team’s passion, we recommend possible positive impact collaboration opportunities we believe best suited to deliver impactful results and engagement.




with all the pieces in place we execute the production of your apparel, ensuring the highest of quality and service.


aligning all the points for your execution plan, we recommend a communication plan to reach all relevant audiences with messaging tailored around your objectives.


we will detail the activation opportunities to complete the engagement, education and empowerment cycle allowing your decision to leverage gear to have longevity and sustainable positive impact.

Case Study: Mobile / Connect Team Through Gear

Our client, a multi-national brand with offices around the globe required an additional & refreshed tactic to connect team members and offices under the umbrella of giving & community.

How it worked


leveraging existing assets, fodada recommended a simple campaign to reconnect a strong internal message of giving through a tangible good.


applying factors important to the client, team members and the campaign, fodada was able to design gear that would deliver the message while promoting and empowering the team to take action


fodada recommended to the client to parlay the new gear as an initiator and promoter of their campaign, allowing their team members to make the actionable part their own while connecting it to their company. The “will you join us campaign” allowed team members to connect to their version of giving, feeling supported and promoted by the campaign.


researching existing corporate messaging to ensure consistency and alignment, fodada recommended a call to action through the company’s volunteer shirts. The gear aiming to connect the team and mobilize them to join the mindset of giving back, with their employer as a promoter and supporter.


inside the garments, fodada reinforced the message, reconnecting the team to corporate messaging as well as activating an engagement campaign to continue giving/connecting

fodada recommended a campaign to showcase the site of the development as a city and community hub for positive impact. By integrating touchpoints for the city, the community and beneficiary orgs, the hub us being set up for an engagement and activation center


Case Study: collaborating with partners and clients

Developing over a million square feet of space, our client was looking for a memorable event for city officials and partners alike. By understanding the scope of the project as well as the client’s objectives, fodada was able to recommend a holistic campaign aimed at providing sustainable and positive collaboration opportunity triangulating with the city, the space and the community.

How it worked


meeting with all the major points, the local government, the community of businesses and community at large, and the benefitting organizations, fodada collected information to better connect the dots on a suitable campaign including its launch and appropriate trajectory in scope and reach


working with all parties, fodada manages the strategic planning and implementation plan ensuring that campaign objectives align with the needs to those involved


working directly and closely with the city, the community and benefitting organizations, fodada is involved with all aspects of execution for short, mid and longterm goals

Case Study: team member engagement

what does it mean to connect with the opportunity one has? or better yet the lack of opportunity for so many around the world? working with a with a technology company with teams separated in many cities our goal was to engage the team under a common goal; to appreciate the opportunity.

How it worked


fodada worked with the executive team on their SIMS (sincere intent mission statement) as it needed to be the cornerstone of this campaign. Setting their SIMS allowed us to identify best suited campaign allowing for engagement, education and empowerment


coordinating a meeting with all offices and personnel, the executive shared personal stories around the company’s SIMS. we then unveiled a campaign to help free human trafficked individuals, educating the team on how they would take part and be empowered


the campaign assisted in freeing human trafficked individuals who’s names were put on pebbles by all team members. the pebbles now are sitting at desks and carried in bags as a reminder of the opportunity team members have and how they are empowered to assist those who do not.

messaging aligned with the company’s SIMS. The note was handed to all team members in all offices simultaneously as the founder discussed the concept of “opportunity.” Each note was accompanied with a pebble. The pebble served as a reminder of the team’s opportunity and the lack there of for so many across the globe

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 10.05.42 AM.png

 in a follow up meeting, the company chose to announce

a raid that had been funded by the proceeds of the

corporate gear through fodada. the raid resulted in four

girls and two boys being freed from human trafficking. 

the names were shared and the team members wrote

them on their pebbles. a reminder of opportunity and